Monday, June 22, 2009


What an awesome day it was. Went to Gabriel Park with Thaksin and Heather.

This park is so fun, it's a big snake run with little quarters and banks all around the edge, with a low manual pad and a small ledge/manual pad. The deep end is 9 ft. vert and the "shallow" end is a 7 ft. quarter with little pockets to grind through. It's sits a top a big grassy hill.

Heather had fun watching us skate and sewing little treasures for the good of mankind. She almost got swallowed up by a cloud!

Thaksin, bs 5-0

Thaksin brought us to this dive bar where we played free ping pong and listened to King Tubby on the jukebox. All in all it was a good Go Skateboarding Day. Can't wait until next year...

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